The Beekeeper’s Daughter

Set on 19th century Exmoor in England, the lives of the cottages, blacksmiths and wealthy landowners entwine in this darkly, supernatural thriller.

Annabel Taylor is the Beekeeper’s daughter.  Her connection with Jevan, the blacksmiths son, is sensual and dangerous, and her ability to charm bees, is a dark undercurrent in a story that spins a thick web of intrigue.

When Jevan shatters her world by leaving Exmoor, Annabel forms a relationship with the self-assured heir to the foreboding Gothelstone mansion, but all is not as it seems. Evil intentions ensnare her into the dark legacy of the Saltonstall family, which will ultimately threaten the lives of those she loves most.

A devastating love triangle, an ultimate betrayal and diabolical intention, lead to a realisation that will chill you to the bone. Left with no other choice, Annabel must embrace her inherent power and destroy a powerful witch