Blood and Ashes

            Madeline has been given the kiss of death and along with it, the terrible burden that she must embrace cautiously or perish, as the torment of becoming immortal takes its toll upon her soul. Although with Darius to guide her, it seems possible that her development will be uncomplicated. But an unexpected turn of events leads her to a place of terror and into the company of nightmares.

            The isolated dark rooms of the London underground deep level shelters become her very own torture chamber, and her will to survive is tested to the limit.  In a desperate last attempt to save her sanity she sells her soul to London’s darkest demon and risks everything to find a way to escape and return to her beloved Darius and Ravens Deep.  But this choice leads to an unfolding chain of events that will have disastrous and heartbreaking consequences.

            The beautiful scenery of Exmoor and London’s hidden world sets the scene for this book.  The reader will come to understand how the immortals came to exist, and the culture of India’s unjust caste system.  In this powerful story they will witness insanity, jealously and possession at its darkest, but discover compassion for a creature that was so unjustly treated.

            Blood and Ashes is gripping, its characters never to be forgotten, a tale that brings thought provoking horror to new heights, and yet, the underlying love story never wavers, nor does the roller coaster of the life of these charismatic immortals.