A Memoir of Carl

The first time Carl woke he was not alive. The second time he was pulled back from the brink of death. It was only the beginning.

This memoir relives one mans emotional and psychological journey, in which he tries to make sense of the terror that has befallen him.

            For Carl was bitten by a vampire.

He was left for dead, but that mercy did not happen. Instead, he was propelled into the dark unknown, where unimaginable horrors force him to realise his sinister nature. Determined to find the girl that destroyed his life so easily.  He believes that only she can make sense of his destiny and give him the answers he craves. Although his quest is hindered by powerful reflections and his unwavering love of Sarah, a ballerina. That dominant emotion keeps him bound, it forces him to hear the echoes, and bear witness to the life he left behind. 

Carl’s existence is entirely unnatural, but he must find a balance within this time, without destroying his one true love, and he soon discovers that his destruction can easily come about, if not from the modern world, then from another vampire. But loss is inevitable, and when fate takes Sarah from him, Carl reveals his shocking ulterior motive, why this memoir had to be written.

A Memoir of Carl, is set against the historic backdrop of Stirling, Scotland and its historic Castle, the prestigious London Opera House, and a gothic stately home.  All paints a remarkable picture, rich in detail of one man’s struggle to come to terms with an unfathomable existence.