June 2019 – PRESS RELEASE – Whisht Hall

WHISHT HALL – A New Novel from Jane Jordan

Press Release: June 24, 2019

Acclaimed novelist Jane Jordan takes readers on a remarkable journey from Dartmoor in the South West of England to New Orleans in the Deep South of America in her latest novel, Whisht Hall.

An intricately crafted dark thriller, Whisht Hall is delightfully suspenseful—a tale of a family’s ruin by deceit and betrayal.

About the book: Whisht Hall is a grand house on the beautiful and wild Dartmoor in the South West of England. The moor is famously remote, filled with great granite outcrops, dense mists, and dangerous mires.

This multilayered thriller spans twenty years and tells the story of the Louyar and Derneville families. A New Orleans native, Marguerite Louyar is searching for a connection to her creole heritage, and her fate is sealed the moment she enters The House of Dambellah. What unfolds in this inconspicuous shop in the French Quarter, sets in motion a chain of events that will affect her family for years to come.
* * * *

Having lived all her life in the city of London, seventeen-year-old Amy Derneville knows nothing about the family she is soon to meet at Whisht Hall. Upon her arrival, she quickly sees that this family is far from normal. Uncle Henri is a delight, but her cousins are a different matter entirely–Lisette’s disturbing attitude puts Amy on her guard. Calin and Damien are identical twins, but far from being close, they have grown up despising each other.

Amy feels like she has entered a bizarre wonderland when sinister sounds are heard nightly on the moors, dense mists cover the landscape and everyone is telling her frightening legends of a nearby haunted wood. She has barely settled into this new life when she hears the screams of her uncle when he is attacked in the mist. A poisoned charm under her pillow enforces her belief that she could be next.

Damien takes control of the situation, and Amy puts her trust in him. After a hair-raising chase across the moors, they flee to board a plane bound for New Orleans. Once there, Damien takes her to an old house in the middle of a blackwater swamp. But Amy is not safe, something lurks in this place, a remnant of a past she does not know.

Shock and fear allow her to be seduced by romance until she realizes the terrible mistake she has made when she is unwittingly drawn into the world of voodoo and uncovers the chilling events that led to her mother’s disappearance years before.

As the dangerous legacy unravels, her only choice is to return to England and find the person that has been the key player in so many deceptions. This story concludes in a fast-paced and exciting ending, on the treacherous terrain of Dartmoor.

Beautifully written and brimming with suspense, Whisht Hall has richly-developed characters and a captivating storyline. A compelling tale with unexpected twists and turns. Whisht Hall charms with two magical settings, and thrills with romance, suspense, and intrigue.

* * * *
Jane Jordan was born in England, then, in the 1990’s she immigrated to Detroit, USA, eventually settling in South West Florida.

She returned to England after a fifteen-year absence, to spend six years in the South West of England living on Exmoor. Here, inspired by the atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and the ancient history of the place, she wrote her first novel Ravens Deep.

The next two books Blood & Ashes and A Memoir of Carl completed her gothic vampire trilogy.

Jane’s fourth novel was, The Beekeeper’s Daughter, a historical dark romance combined with a supernatural thriller.

While England and Scotland provided a backdrop for previous novels of vampires, witches, and haunted mansions. The hauntingly desolate Dartmoor and New Orleans presents the setting for her fifth novel, Whisht Hall, a multilayered thriller steeped in voodoo, and the culture of the deep South.

Jane Jordan lives in Southwest Florida. Visit Jane Jordan online at: http://www.janejordannovelist.com


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