About The Author

Oct. 20th, 2016

Welcome to my blog.

Firstly a little bit about myself.  I was born in England and grew up exploring the history and culture of London and the surrounding counties.  I was always fascinated with tales of the supernatural and spent a part of my childhood playing in graveyards and listening to ghost stories of old castles and houses.  I spent some time in Germany in the 1990s and then immigrated to Detroit, USA in 1992, eventually settling in South West Florida.  After a fifteen-year absence, I returned to England and relocated to Exmoor, which is in the county of Somerset.

Exmoor is mysterious and beautiful and has enthralled and captured the hearts and minds of authors and poets alike.  None more so than the picturesque Dunster Castle. It is perched on a high hill overlooking the Bristol Channel.  With its fairy tale turrets and towers and set amidst historical gardens, it is an idyllic setting for a building that has not only been used as a fortress but a long-standing family home over for 600 years, before it was bequeathed to The National Trust.  I spent several years working and volunteering at this 1000-year-old castle.  I also trained for my RHS horticultural certificate and worked as a horticulturist for the botanical gardens of Cannington.

Inspired by the atmosphere beautiful scenery and ancient history of the places all around me, I began to write.

My first novel, Ravens Deep, combined vampire superstition with a complex and modern love story.  That first book turned into three and, Blood & Ashes, and, A Memoir of Carl, followed.  Then, inspiration came for my new novel, The Beekeeper’s Daughter, a historical romance, set in Victorian England.  This book has taken me a few years to write and finish, but I moved countries twice as I returned to live in Sarasota Florida in 2013, and many other priorities got in the way. Now, I am finally settled, I can again concentrate on my writing.  This year I have had a feature article published in the Florida Gardening Magazine, I have had a short horror story published, and have just had a vignette accepted for publication into a literary journal.

The Beekeeper’s Daughter is due to be published next month.

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